Why you should watch Fat Head

And now, for something completely different (no economics!):

On February 4, an AP article in the SJ-R pointed out global obesity rates have doubled since 1980.  A February 10 article noted the dramatic rise in strokes among young people.

In between appeared “Carb Conundrum,” stating that we “require” 300 carb grams a day to be healthy.  This is odd, because there are essential fatty acids (fats), essential amino acids (proteins), essential vitamins, minerals and trace minerals, but there is no such thing as an “essential carbohydrate.”

To consider this, pour about 1 ½ cups of sugar into a bowl.  That is about 300 grams of carbohydrates.  Of course, nobody is saying you should eat sugar for carbs.  Or are they?

You could fill up on green veggies, like broccoli.  However, at 6 carbs per cup, you’ll need 50 cups to meet your day’s quota.  You’ll get to 300 a bit quicker eating, for instance, “smart” whole wheat bread.  But, the glycemic index (rate carbs convert to blood sugar) of whole wheat bread is 67.  Table sugar is around 65.

Since 1980, when we first started hearing how awful fat is for our health, Americans have reduced the fat in our diets and increased the carbs while increasing leisure time physical activity and staying within the government’s recommended caloric guidelines.

Results?  An obesity epidemic, a type-2 diabetes epidemic (which had to be renamed from “adult onset diabetes”), increased heart disease, and all the kids seem to have ADD.  Oh, and some researchers are starting to refer to Alzheimer’s as “type-3 diabetes.”

Consider this, my friends:  what passes as nutrition science these days makes Al Gore and the climate change crowd look like Albert Einstein and the crew from the Manhattan Project.  Take that however you want, and then please pass the bacon.

(Want to start learning the truth about nutrition?  Start here: www.fathead-movie.com)

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One Response to Why you should watch Fat Head

  1. gharkness says:

    Nice plug for Tom, Jerry! (Is there anyone who has not already seen Fat Head? If they haven’t, they definitely should.)

    You would have been proud to hear younger brother Tom talking you and your blog up all during the cruise. I am happy to take his suggestion and subscribe to your blog in my feed reader. I have a strong feeling I am definitely going to enjoy it!

    I think there’s plenty of people who haven’t seen Fat Head. I don’t think there’s very many who’ve seen it who haven’t been amazed.

    Sitting in the captain’s chair for him while he was on the Low Carb Cruise was a blast. I pretty much ignored my blog in the meantime, but should have a new installment in the next day or so.

    Thanks for giving it a look.

    — JN

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