Save the environment – call a plumber

After my last letter to the editor got published, the Wife made remarks implying I’m using too many numbers and esoteric economic concepts, which could keep my ideas from being clearly conveyed.

Actually, her exact words were “would you quit writing those things while we still have some friends left and do something around the house!”, but I knew what she really meant.  Communication is the key to a happy marriage.

Serendipitously, a couple of recent reports make my point with zero math.

First, the BP spill was capped and is holding.  The problem of plugging a pipe spewing millions of gallons of unwanted goo was evidently solved by… a plumber!  He knew one of the academic eggheads involved, who sneaked the plumber’s proposal up through the chain of command.  Once the government got out of the way, idea to engineering to fabrication to completion took about a month.

Hold that thought.

Next, in the 7/24/2010 State Journal-Register was an article “Flush with Resources.”  A Lake county forest preserve just received permission to use rainwater collected in a cistern to flush some toilets.  After four years.  They’re trying to get legislation to address this novel use of technology.  Can’t quite pull it off though.  The actual work will take a couple of weeks.  Oh, and they’re required to treat the rainwater and dye it.  So people can flush it down a urinal.

Recap:  With government effectively out of the way, it takes a plumber one month to solve the greatest man-made environmental screw-up of all time.  With government at full capacity, it takes four years for a plumber to hook up a few toilets with technology that was ancient when Jesus was born.

What else do you need to hear to believe me when I try to explain, over and over, that the situation is hopeless, but not serious!

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