Calming down the Arab Fall

Here we are.

Our embassies are under siege in Muslim-dominated countries around the world.

We are burying a top Mideast diplomat and three others murdered in a planned terrorist attack.  Meanwhile, our Egyptian embassy issued an abject apology for someone exercising their first amendment rights.  Or, as they called it, “abusing free speech.”

Now the administration is spending tax dollars airing commercials where Obama and Hillary Clinton continue to legitimize the pretense that this  uprising is based on “hurt feelings” while begging for peace.  Somehow, our Constitutional Scholar-in-Chief neglected to mention our freedom of speech.

So instead of a principled statement explaining the power of one of this country’s pillars of exceptionalism, he reinforced an image of weakness.  The escalating unrest is unsurprising to anyone outside Obama’s echo chamber.  Maybe next Obama and Hillary could don a couple of burkas and throw rocks at a U.S. embassy.  That should help.

Or, here’s an alternative suggestion.

For all of the people chanting and protesting and burning effigies and flags outside our embassies, we should applaud them for exercising their rights to express their grievances.  Take them some water to drink, put out some falafels, maybe erect some tents to give them shade.

For anyone who breaches our walls, sets foot on our embassy grounds with malice, or touches our flag, we should calmly but firmly convey to them that such conduct does not constitute civilized interaction — via a belt-fed, recoil-operated, air-cooled, crew-operated .50 caliber machine gun on full auto.

Sometimes, it’s not what you say.  It’s how you say it.

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5 Responses to Calming down the Arab Fall

  1. Jonathan says:

    Unfortunately, NATO wouldn’t allow us to use a 50cal. A couple of M16s should work almost as well. Of course, in order to show them what Constitutional rights are like we would first have to remember that we have them in the first place.

    True. We certainly don’t present any clear example to lead with, as we all now worship at the alter of mob rule. Or, as it’s referred to in more polite company, “democracy.”


  2. Bob Johnston says:

    People tell me I’m way too negative about President Obama but I think they’re wrong, how can they say that when he’s in my Presidential Top 50?

    I think that’s very fair!

  3. Bret says:

    Those politicians know how much worse they’ve (somehow) made America’s image in the eyes of the Islamic community with these embarrassing failures in Afghanistan and Iraq–the latter being unjustified on the grounds that were cited to the U.N. and the world prior to the invasion. Now in their endless guilt they apparently can’t afford to have principles. It’s comforting to see the president fall all over himself sympathizing with borderline-violent protesters (some not even borderline) while making inflammatory statements against a handful of his own citizens who are guilty of no crime.

    Politics and leadership. The two just can’t seem to mingle.

    At least he’s consistent. Like how they sucked up to to Occupy Wall Street mob, while insinuating that the people peacefully exercising their right to protest the government (the Tea Party) where terrorists.

  4. I recently started the Thomas Sowell Reader, and your brother directed me to this great blog. It’s great info. You are very right in the point that you make in regards to meeting force with force. You can only apply the higher faculties of reason and the value of reciprocity to create a peaceful resolution when reason and reciprocity exists on both sides.

    Reading Thomas Sowell is like drinking from a fire hose. I came across him early in my “libertarian awakening” 25 or 30 years ago. He reminds me of Milton Friedman, who could take a part an entire statist argument with about two sentences.


  5. Gerard says:

    And wouldn’t in be nice if the US had such an unblemished record of international relations.

    Your mates in Australia had their *own* media thrown out of their *own* Parliament when that arrogant President George.W.Bush arrived on our soil.


    Our Elected Labor Union Government put in free market reforms side by side with unions better then all other free world countries. Negotiations with business and Unions has achieved us #3 currently on the heritage index run non other then a leftist atheist Prime minister .

    Clinton and Obama have always treated allies with due respect. As did W’s father.

    Trivial to what your claiming here but don’t for one minute think that the US and more importantly the UK’s intervention (which is western) has caused much of the destabilization of that region.

    I agree with everything you say mate…. but the issue is your country is a) protectionist and b) meddles in too much shit.

    So how about you and your brother give Obama a break… and go after the real Enemy which is your two party system… Frankly id vote Ralph Nader, Gary Johnson, and Ron Paul above those two parties…. While they might stand for different things they stand for *SOMETHING*…..

    How do you think we made #3 on the free market index? Vote for a drunk Unionist? Or vote for a drunk unionist who cared about free markets, workers and business and negotiated a free market arrangement with most of them? ….. and while he was at it still took the world record of drinking a yard class. In his 80s im still pleased that he can still pull it off –

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