Bitter pill to swallow

I recall that the American Medical Association was a big supporter of our new nationalized health care boondoggle, lending credibility to the government takeover supporters.

One of the larger components of the Democrats’ Big Lie campaign was that the cost would be kept under the magic number of one trillion dollars over the next decade (remember when a “billion” was a big number?).  And one of the core components of that particular lie was the savings that would be achieved by cutting Medicare reimbursement.

I’m positive this was all considered when our Community Organizer-In-Chief was brokering the AMA’s endorsement — “look, we have to keep those cuts in there for cover, but (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) — I’m sure we can fix that later.”

Unfortunately for the doctors’ union, it looks like the last several election results and the Tea Party atmosphere may have startled the Republicans into acting on principle.  They’re threatening to actually make the AMA and the Democrats live with the law they insisted on jamming down our collective throats.

So, until Obama can buy a couple of votes to unravel one of the major “cost savings” of his health care plan, the AMA is going to be rewarded with a 21% cut in its members’ income.

I couldn’t be more pleased to see one of the major proponents of big government health care be one of the first to have to actually live with it.  Or, as I like to call it — “taking your medicine.”

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