Education establishment found to be racist!

[Submitted after SJ-R article on “racial disparity” in suspensions and expulsions.  Not published – fortunately.  Had some bad math I discovered immediately after hitting the”submit” button.  Nothing worse than being snarky and wrong.  See Part II, which also wasn’t published!]

Not to get in the way of your crusade to stamp out rampant discrimination in the school system, but I thought some readers may be interested in a hypothesis that corresponds to the facts.

The “facts” presented in the Nov 22 article are that whites comprise 60% of students but only 30% of suspensions and expulsions; while blacks, at 20% of the student body, account for 50% of disciplinary actions.  Wow – big problem.

These numbers are meaningless unless you know how many suspensions and expulsions there are (which the original piece oddly didn’t provide).  Fortunately, the US Department of Education reports that about 7% of all students receive a suspension or expulsion yearly.

So, in a sample population of 10,000 students, 6,000 would be white and 2,000 would be black.  There would be about 700 suspensions/expulsions, of which 210 would be white students while blacks would receive 350.  That’s a rate of 6% for whites but over 17% for blacks.  Again – wow — three times as many! Obviously, the Klan has infiltrated the education establishment.  What other possible explanation could there be?

Well, this one:

Per the Census Bureau’s 2008 Current Population Survey, 9.9 million out of a total population of 56.5 million white children under 18 live with a mother only – that’s 17%.  Among blacks, 5.8 million out of a total of 11.3 million kids live with a mother only, which works out to 51%.  In other words, three times as many!

It’s almost as if this had nothing to do with race, but that having a father in the house has some kind of inexplicable correlation with whether kids will have discipline problems.  I realize neither of these is possible according to liberal orthodoxy/journalism school, but thinking people might find it interesting.

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