New admission test for the politically connected: Spell “U of I”

Kudos to Governor Quinn for calling for the resignation of the U of I trustees over the admission of under-qualified applicants who were politically connected.  It’s good to see him addressing the first part of the issue in a timely fashion.

It is a bit ironic, of course, that being appointed a U of I trustee is in itself a matter of being politically connected.  Those with memories dating back to the last century (i.e. the 1990’s) can remember when that wasn’t a prerequisite.  Trustees used to be elected on a statewide basis.  Not that political connectedness wasn’t helpful, but a motivated candidate wasn’t required to be tied into the Democrat/Republican duopoly.

The ensconced parties got a bit of a tingle up their leg (not the good kind) in the 1990’s when a Libertarian got close to getting elected trustee.  As a statewide office, that would’ve rendered moot the ridiculous third-party petition requirements used as roadblocks to competition from non-members of the two-party club.

To prevent that kind of diversity from breaking out, the trustee spots were safely removed from the public and turned into gubernatorial appointments.  Now reaping what it sowed, the political establishment is of course shocked, shocked, that politically selected trustees have been found to be susceptible to political influence.

Anyway, back to modern times.  As I said, it’s good to see the governor get started by asking the trustees to resign.  I can’t wait until he gets the rest of the job done by demanding the resignations of any senators, representatives, constitutional officers and gubernatorial staff who “inquired” about any unqualified candidate.  After all, I assume we’re also going to go after the “johns.”  Aren’t we?

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