Roy Nagin — emergency preparedness expert. Huh?

[Submitted/published State Journal-Register]

Good grief. So, the “Illinois Faith-Based Emergency Preparedness Initiative” invites New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin to talk about emergency preparedness. Isn’t that like asking Drew Peterson to take your daughter out to give her some pointers on dating cops?

The only thing Nagin is remembered for was being on TV trying to play the race card to deflect criticism of his own monumental incompetence. Unfortunately, he got called holding a busted flush.

It was also quite generous to change the equally incompetent and obstructionist Gov. Kathleen Blanco of Louisiana into a Republican. Why bother with simple fact-checking if it gets in the way of a good story?

Here’s a hint for your writers on how to keep them straight in the future: If they’re corrupt and competent, they’re Republican; if they’re corrupt and incompetent, they’re a Democrat. If they’re not corrupt, they’re a statistical anomaly and can safely be ignored.

Suggestion: Maybe next year they can book Republican Rod Blogojevich to discuss responsible budgeting.

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