Inaugural post, and some econ nerd guilty pleasure


This is my first official post.  You may notice that there are actually several posts dating back a few years, but those are uploads of older writings to get things started.  Most are letters to the editor of my local paper, the State Journal-Register (Springfield, IL) — some published, some not.  They’re all left open for comment for now.  Please chime in.

I’m just getting the hang of this blog stuff, as up until now I figured the whole internet thing was just a fad that would blow over.  I’m still holding out in hopes of making it to my grave without a FaceBook account, but that may require either another change of mind or an earlier than anticipated demise. At any rate, there will likely be a lot of changes to the look and feel as time goes on.

However, I don’t think the general nature of what will be found here will change much.  It’s mostly going to be about the areas you see in the categories listed to the right, usually economics and politics related; a lot focused on the state of Illinois and its perpetual fiscal mismanagement, some national, with sprinklings of global and local.

What gives “guilty pleasure” to an armchair economics nerd?  Well, how about an smack-down match between the two fountainheads of the eternally opposed branches of economic thought?  IN RAP!

I heard of this via an email from the outstanding Illinois Policy Institute.  The IPI is a free-market oriented think tank (my kind of people).  As I watched it I kept saying to myself, “this is sooo wrong.”  I mean, who would’ve thought economists could rap?  Or, even more disturbing, maybe they’re rappers who understand both FA Hayek and John Maynard Keynes.  It boggles the mind.

If you don’t know who FA Hayek is,  I’d suggest you start remedying that right away with The Road to Serfdom.  It’s free-market, libertarian philosophy and economics at its best.  It’s way shorter than Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, plus you don’t have to wear black and take up smoking.

If you haven’t heard of John Maynard Keynes, you could be reading the wrong blog!

There’s actually a number of other big names in economics portrayed in the video.  You should at least recognize the guy with the beard who’s passing out money.  Here it is.  I’d suggest you lower the shades before watching it in case you want to bust a move:

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3 Responses to Inaugural post, and some econ nerd guilty pleasure

  1. McClaeg says:

    “The economy’s not a car; there’s no engine to stall. No expert can fix it; there is no it at all. The economy is us; we don’t need a mechanic. Put away the wrenches, the economy is organic.”
    Without a doubt, the best verse in the bit. A great starting point for an economic discussion with “regular folks.” Thanks for posting the video. Look forward to more post.

    There were so many great lines, but I think I agree with you. As an economics geek, it was fun spotting the several references to Hayek’s works, with a few jabs at Keynes. Having the other economists in their “corners” (Says and Mises for Hayek; Malthus and Hicks for Keynes) was genius.

    Thanks for weighing in!


  2. Be says:

    I had previously seen this video
    But I love this one, too. I loved that Keynes got his ass kicked yet still won the match – sounds like the reality of our history. And yes, I noticed Mr. Bernake – isn’t he about the worst Fed Chair in history?

    @McClaeg – yeah, that was one of my favorite lines too.

    Yep, as long as it’s the government is in charge of picking the winners, the fix will be in for the Keynesians. This was just so smart on so many levels, like the way the press and government and big business types were fawning over Keynes at the end; but all of the young people started coming up to Hayek.

    Bernanke is, of course, the worst Fed Chair in history. Until the next one.


    — JN

  3. Willa Jean Dooley says:

    You had me at the “I should have taken the blue pill.”

    Ok, my eyes aren’t what they used to be, but danged if I can find the “subscribe” button. Little help?

    Danged if I can find it either! I set this blog up at my brother’s suggestion and am still working my way through the technical stuff. (That’s him in the Fat Head ad to the right).

    I’ll be looking into it and see what I need to do to get that functionality enabled. Thanks for checking in!

    — JN

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