Green Party gets machined in Chicago

The best stories aren’t always on the front page.

On page 14 of the 10/15/2010 State Journal-Register is news that the Chicago elections board had mis-spelled the name of Green Party candidate Rich Whitney, who would coincidentally tend to pull voters from the Democrat, as “Rich Whitey.”  Seriously.

Mr. Whitney’s spokesperson immediately cried foul, pointing out that he’d been “tagged with a name that really isn’t that nice.”  It’s a legitimate complaint – Green Party people have always been against anyone being “Rich.”

The board claims that it was a simple typo, and that they would be working overtime until Election Day to get the missing letter typed into the machines.

They refused to address the rumor that Republican Bill Brady’s name is listed, due to a minor transposition error, as “Mean Honkey.”

I just hope Chicago residents will strongly consider Libertarian candidate Lex Green, despite an inadvertent keyboarding glitch causing him to be listed as “Rude Cracker.”

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