Where there’s smoke, there’s Eric Holder

Obama’s Justice Department has been busily not pursuing voter intimidation cases, not pursuing pimps securing abortions for 12 year olds, not pursuing other departments repeatedly found in contempt of court orders, and not enforcing laws passed by Congress.

What exactly do they do these days when they’re not so busy not doing their jobs?  The answer appeared in “Justice Department, big tobacco in dispute over proposed ads” (2/25 State Journal-Register).

The DOJ is making tobacco companies buy ads stating that they weren’t exactly up-front with us about smoking.  Example: “…we denied that we controlled the level of nicotine in cigarettes.  Here’s the truth…We control nicotine delivery to sustain smokers’ addiction…”

Setting aside the clinically brain-dead, politicians and trial lawyers, is there really anyone in the country to whom this is news?  It doesn’t seem fair to force companies to explicitly advertise (as opposed to disclose) the downside of products legally sold to voluntary buyers.

How about we start with the government instead, since we don’t have a choice in buying their “product.”  Here’s a couple for starts:

“We said the CBO generates non-partisan, objective reports that proved Obamacare will reduce taxpayer costs.  Here’s the truth:  If we directed the CBO to assume flying monkeys would drop 112,950 gold bars on the White House lawn to pay for this, they’d have to use that assumption.”

“We said the Federal Reserve’s mission is to protect the currency and encourage job growth.  Here’s the truth: The dollar is worth 70 times less today than the day the Fed was created.  It has ‘inflation targets’ for destroying the value of your money.  You see how the jobs thing is working out.”

You get the idea – the possibilities are endless.  Take a little break and think of some of your own.  Smoke if you got ‘em.

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One Response to Where there’s smoke, there’s Eric Holder

  1. Elenor says:

    Wouldn’t it an even better truth to tell everyone that the Federal Reserve neither is federal nor has any reserves? I actually met a man tonight who thought the Federal Reserve was a U.S. GOVT agency. He was astonished (and not entirely sure he believed me!) that it was a private bank with actual (mostly European!) shareholders! When I tried to explain how all of “our “money is based in debt — debt to this *private* outfit that prints “money” out of the air, he actually took out his wallet to look at his… you know… Federal Reserve Notes?! (Not money, debt instruments that have to be “paid back” — to the “Federal” “Reserve”

    Congrats on starting up the blog, Jerry!

    Well, it would at least be a good start, wouldn’t it? I suspect that about 9 people out of 10 would tell you the Fed is a government agency. Thanks and congrats yourself — you’re my first official commenter!


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