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Great idea! Then I’d like a bottle of thalidomide and a frontal lobotomy.

This was prompted by a May 25 article in the “Be Healthy” section of the local State Journal-Register.  This is a regular section of the paper that health-conscious readers can use to their advantage by carefully studying the information, then … Continue reading

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Go smooth yourself, part II

Today’s SJ-R reported again on Governor Quinn and the Democrat-controlled legislature’s continuing efforts to borrow anywhere from six- to eight billion dollars for past due bills so they can get back to running up more bills they can’t pay. There’s … Continue reading

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Or, for a little more, you get 3 bedrooms near the golf course…

Here’s another case where a bit of math and common sense makes it easy to understand government. The Springfield city council recently approved a project to build a 44 unit housing complex for $7 million.  If you’re not familiar with … Continue reading

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Experts 0, Nature 3

My brother once opined that we’d be much more advanced as a species if cognitive dissonance had immediate physical symptoms.  Think of how much stupidity we’d avoid if, for instance, when some economic simpleton said something like “our country just … Continue reading

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Go smooth yourself

Several months ago, the SJ-R published a letter to the editor I submitted regarding the deepening crisis with state funded pensions in Illinois. A week later the paper published a reply from Dave Urbanek, spokesman for the Teachers Retirement System … Continue reading

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Inaugural post, and some econ nerd guilty pleasure

Welcome. This is my first official post.  You may notice that there are actually several posts dating back a few years, but those are uploads of older writings to get things started.  Most are letters to the editor of my … Continue reading

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