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For $2,500 a week, we can maybe promise you… Nothing!

If you have a vested interest in Alzheimer’s research — like those covered in recent SJ-R articles (“Alzheimer’s at a crossroads”,”Drug may help slow disease’s progression”) — you should prepare to be disappointed. Drug companies have invested billions researching drugs … Continue reading

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New threat — Global Diet Warming

One of the commentors on my last post concerning Paula Deen’s new status as punching bag for the anti-fat hysterics took me to task for my condensed description of metabolic syndrome and diabetes.  I’ve never had any prior correspondence with … Continue reading

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No Paula, say it ain’t dough!

So, Paula Deen has been outed, with palpable glee and sanctimonious delight among the media and food police, as a Type 2 diabetic. Not to say it couldn’t be an instructive moment.  Unfortunately, that would require people knowing what they’re … Continue reading

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Great idea! Then I’d like a bottle of thalidomide and a frontal lobotomy.

This was prompted by a May 25 article in the “Be Healthy” section of the local State Journal-Register.  This is a regular section of the paper that health-conscious readers can use to their advantage by carefully studying the information, then … Continue reading

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Experts 0, Nature 3

My brother once opined that we’d be much more advanced as a species if cognitive dissonance had immediate physical symptoms.  Think of how much stupidity we’d avoid if, for instance, when some economic simpleton said something like “our country just … Continue reading

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Inaugural post, and some econ nerd guilty pleasure

Welcome. This is my first official post.  You may notice that there are actually several posts dating back a few years, but those are uploads of older writings to get things started.  Most are letters to the editor of my … Continue reading

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Maybe the experts should stop making our kids fat and diabetic

[Submitted/published State Journal-Register] Dr. Kemia Sarraf’s “In My View” column tells some truth by pointing out the evils of trans fats, but ignores the big lies in the current nutritional zeitgeist. The innocuous explanation that trans fats were “once believed … Continue reading

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Why you should watch Fat Head

And now, for something completely different (no economics!): On February 4, an AP article in the SJ-R pointed out global obesity rates have doubled since 1980.  A February 10 article noted the dramatic rise in strokes among young people. In … Continue reading

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