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The Seven-Per-Cent Solution

As reported in the 07-Nov SJ-R, the NAACP may sue if the school district doesn’t hire more black and minority teachers, based on statistics such as blacks comprising only 9% of the district’s teachers vs.  38% of students.  The minority … Continue reading

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Beer taste on a champagne budget

Today’s SJ-R article about whether the government will give Memorial Medical Center permission to spend its own money to expand the hospital cited an interesting statistic.  Although government staff recommended allowing MMC to spend its own money, it did caution … Continue reading

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if you come to a cliff in the road…

With the election behind us, attention shifts to the next distraction.  That’s the simultaneous expiration of tax cuts and support programs, coupled with automatic, across-the-board spending cuts staged by our feckless national leaders; collectively known as the “Fiscal Cliff.” Our … Continue reading

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Calming down the Arab Fall

Here we are. Our embassies are under siege in Muslim-dominated countries around the world. We are burying a top Mideast diplomat and three others murdered in a planned terrorist attack.  Meanwhile, our Egyptian embassy issued an abject apology for someone … Continue reading

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If this doesn’t sell ’em, talk up our 10 o’clock music curfew!

An 8/27/12 SJ-R letter to the editor proposes Springfield has been remiss in publicizing its “clean energy” accomplishments.  Specifically cited was the benefit of caving in to the Sierra Club’s extortion, with its resultant contracts for wind power running through … Continue reading

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Misery loves company

Ever heard of the “Misery Index?” It’s a metric first proposed in the 1960’s by economist Arthur Okun that combines the unemployment rate with the inflation rate, both of which are indeed miserable things.  Especially if they’re happening to you.  … Continue reading

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From the “This Would Never Happen” file

Here’s a little “what if?” thought experiment for you as we head into the election cycle with its endless coverage about Taxmageddon, green subsidy fails, the exploding deficit, and on and on. First a few facts: Corporate tax receipts to … Continue reading

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“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” — Inigo Montoya, from The Princess Bride

Just when Democrats are on the verge of proving that they’re the most economically illiterate creatures to walk the earth, the Republicans get all jealous and start yelling and jumping up and down until everyone who’s paying attention recognizes that … Continue reading

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Principles and Consequences

Let’s talk about something that doesn’t have anything to do with politics.  Let’s talk about principles. A principle is a rule to inform one’s behavior, particularly when the consequences of that behavior aren’t predictable or consistent.  However, when followed, individual … Continue reading

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New threat — Global Diet Warming

One of the commentors on my last post concerning Paula Deen’s new status as punching bag for the anti-fat hysterics took me to task for my condensed description of metabolic syndrome and diabetes.  I’ve never had any prior correspondence with … Continue reading

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