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Principles and Consequences

Let’s talk about something that doesn’t have anything to do with politics.  Let’s talk about principles. A principle is a rule to inform one’s behavior, particularly when the consequences of that behavior aren’t predictable or consistent.  However, when followed, individual … Continue reading

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I don’t mean to brag, but….

This past weekend The Wife and I attended the annual Illinois VFW banquet for the Voice of Democracy awards.  The reason we were there was because The Youngest Son had submitted an essay (which also had to be submitted as … Continue reading

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New threat — Global Diet Warming

One of the commentors on my last post concerning Paula Deen’s new status as punching bag for the anti-fat hysterics took me to task for my condensed description of metabolic syndrome and diabetes.  I’ve never had any prior correspondence with … Continue reading

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No Paula, say it ain’t dough!

So, Paula Deen has been outed, with palpable glee and sanctimonious delight among the media and food police, as a Type 2 diabetic. Not to say it couldn’t be an instructive moment.  Unfortunately, that would require people knowing what they’re … Continue reading

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“Insider of the Year” nominations are in! And the prestigious “Sleazie” statue goes to…

This may be a bit risky with nearly two months left in the year, but if there’s some kind of “taxpayers’ friend” award for 2011, I’d like to go ahead and nominate Solyndra.  That’s the insider-connected green company that got … Continue reading

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Things you’ll never be able to explain to a WS Occupier…

Just saw another reference in today’s local paper as to how the catalyst for our continuing financial meltdown was due to “lack of financial regulation.” Which is really the problem with just about everything in America, isn’t it?  From swimming … Continue reading

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Come on in — the water’s fi-aaaiiiiiiiieeeeee!!!!

You’d have to be a pretty cold-hearted SOB to take a horrible tragedy and use it as a lesson in economics and government stupidity. At your service. The local YMCA just avoided having its pool closed by committing to install … Continue reading

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A trillion euros? How much is that in gyros?

In a recent letter to the editor in my hometown paper (Springfield Journal-Register), a writer helpfully offered to clarify the European financial situation for us economic rubes. He used a parable of a banker named Angela Merckel (coincidentally, the same … Continue reading

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Dodging a Billion Dollar Disaster

To help understand how Congress really feels about Americans, maybe they could have town hall meetings where we could be personally slapped in the face while they call us morons.  It’s a little harsh, but it might help some people … Continue reading

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Balanced budget debate — “Next man makes a move, the [sheriff] gets it!”

Remember that scene from Blazing Saddles? (Yes, I know he didn’t say “sheriff.”  I’m not up for a PC death match over a stupid word.)  The townsfolk, enraged that their new sheriff is “of color,” form a lynch mob and … Continue reading

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